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English II Class Reads From The Banned Book List photo

English II Class Reads From The Banned Book List

When Stephanie Pergerson, freshman at Monroe High, walked into the Media Center with the rest of her English II class she didn’t know what was on the day’s agenda. Her class, and others like it around the nation, was going to be reading from books highlighted during “Banned Book Week”. Her teacher, Mrs. Jessica Hall, stood in front of the class and began outlining their newest project – reading and reviewing a book from the banned book list.

The class quickly scanned the list of books available to them. Some chose pieces of classic literature like Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, some picked up Maya Angelou’s autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and others chose the animal fiction adventure The Call of the Wild by Jack London. Stephanie, however, continued to scan and couldn’t find any books that grabbed her attention. She went to Mrs. Hall and asked her for a recommendation; she is an English teacher after all. Surely she had an idea for a good book that Stephanie would enjoy. 

It’s impossible to know if the students will identify and connect with the books that they chose, but in Mrs. Hall’s class she couldn’t have asked for a better response. “Students came up to me at the beginning of class astounded at what they read, bursting at the seams to talk about it”, Mrs. Hall said. “Some students finished their books really early, and others dragged it out, not because they didn’t like the book, but because they didn’t want it to end!” As the students projects hang around the walls of the Media Center, anyone can see the excitement that the students had in sharing their thoughts on, for what some students say, is their new favorite book.

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MHS Globalization Correlate photo

MHS Globalization Correlate

Monroe High School continues to build up on the success attained in recent years in the area of globalization. The bar has been set high for the current school year since in the past the school has proudly earned the highest recognition given by the Union County Public Schools Globalization Committee to those schools that meet extensive globalization criteria. In order to continue growing as a globalized community, Monroe High School has created a globalization correlate to formally organize and oversee MHS’s globalized school efforts.

The newly created Globalization Correlate is charged with helping to promote globalization inside and outside the classroom. The correlate will also concentrate efforts to create new lines of communication and collaboration and to strengthen existing bridges between MHS and local and global communities.

The correlate is made up of a diverse group of educators with a wide range of viewpoints and ideas that will work together to effectively focus the school’s globalization initiatives. Several different departments are represented in the correlate, which further reinforces the intrinsic relationship between globalization and the curriculum. The Arts Department, the Social Studies Department, the English Department, CTE, Foreign Languages, The Science Department, the ESL Department and school administration are all represented in the correlate.

The correlate kicked off its work for the year with a staff development session delivered during the September faculty. At this time, the 2014-2015 Global Schools Criteria was presented to the faculty along with expectations in regards to the integrating globalization with curriculums. The correlate has already planned a number of globalization activities which are geared towards helping Monroe High School students become active global citizens.


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