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Monroe AP Environmental Science Class Works With Local Soil Scientist photo

Monroe AP Environmental Science Class Works With Local Soil Scientist

Mr. Kukor’s AP Environmental Science (APES) class journeyed to the Union County Agricultural center (UCAC) this week to work with Mr. Charles Dunevant from the Union County Soil and Water Conservation office. This trip was the culmination of the class investigations into agronomy, the necessary characteristics of soil required to produce food to feed the world. The students have been reading about soils in articles from scientific publications, learning soil identification/soil assessment protocols and investigating proper soil conservation practices in the classroom. The trip to the UCAC allowed the students to apply the skills and information they have learned in an actual field setting under the guidance of Mr. Dunevant.

Upon arrival the APES students participated in a lively discussion of agronomic concepts while eating their lunch. At the conclusion of the discussion and question/answer session the students took a walk in the fields behind the UCAC with Mr. Dunevant and his staff. On the walk they were asked to use their knowledge and skills to assess and identify the soils and soil forming processes at several locations in the field behind the agricultural center. Audrey Yoder thought the trip was fun, and Ali Storey liked watching her classmates get dirty. “I was glad to see the students see the science they are learning about work in a real world situation” said Mr. Kukor. “It validates the importance of the science we discuss every day when they see someone making a living using their science skills”

Mr. Kukor hopes to take the students to other locations in the county later in the semester to assess local water quality and sewage treatment technologies.

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44 UCPS teachers surprised with  Education Foundation mini grants photo

44 UCPS teachers surprised with Education Foundation mini grants

The Union County Education Foundation brought lots of smiles to 44 Union County Public Schools teachers after awarding “Teacher and Classroom Mini-Grants” worth more than $20,000. The Foundation’s “Prize Patrol” visited schools across the county on Oct. 28 and surprised these teachers in their classrooms with a check in amounts ranging from $191.83 to $500. Pictured at left, Jodi McConkey, a teacher at Sardis Elementary, is surprised when she receives a $400.99 grant from the Union County Education Foundation awarded “Teacher and Classroom Mini-Grants.” Also pictured is her principal Theresa Benson.

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