"Preparing All Students to Succeed"


The Monroe High School PTSO (Parent/Teacher/Student Organization) works on behalf of its members to provide local, state, and national information, influence, and recognition to help unite parents, teachers, students, and the community for the common good of all children.  


$5.00 per family, $3.00 if you belong to another Monroe school PTA, PTO, or PTSO.  


  • Co-Presidents: Mary Bone and Anne Velasco
  • Vice-President: Jim Bention
  • Secretary:        Shan Price
  • Treasurer:        Karen Whinna
  • Volunteer Coordinators:    Eileen O'Rourke and Etoy Prather
  • Student Representative:    Katie Price  

We welcome and encourage volunteers. To join PTSO, or if you would like to volunteer for some of our activities, please contact Mary Bone at mbone@carolina.rr.com or Anne Velasco at Avelasco@carolina.rr.com.  Or, call the main number at the high school: 704-296-3130.

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